Treating Yourself As If You Were A Guest

"Tea for one" using my Great Grandfather's tea pot and my Aunt's tea china (made by my family)

“Tea for one” using my Great Grandfather’s tea pot and my Aunt’s tea china (made by my family)

As we sit and reflect on things I realize we don’t always treat ourselves as we do visitors or guests. Why is that?

All of us grow up learning that guests are special and we usually prepare and do special things for their arrival. Special foods and flowers or pulling out our best china. We change clothes before a dinner party and put out guest towels and new hand soaps. It is all a ritual of getting ready for a special time.

So why is it we don’t do exactly that for ourselves? Why do guests merit more attention?

Over the years I’ve found it funny that as the world gets crazier, we are the ones who do less for ourselves. Taking time to treat yourself as a guest in your own home is an easy thing that adds a touch of what I call “a daily random act of glamour” into your life.  Try a few things that will lift your day and your mood and make you feel special and like a guest in your own home. Pull out that gorgeous tea cup and saucer that was maybe your mother’s or grandmother’s and use it instead of an old kitchen mug. Try using a lovely napkin with it. Put your tea snack on a pretty plate. Instantly you are now enjoying an elegant tea for one!

My bathroom vanity with mouthwash in a vintage Waterford crystal decanter

My bathroom vanity with mouthwash in a vintage Waterford crystal decanter

One of my favorite tricks is an easy instant solution for your bathroom. A lot of people have a plastic bottle of mouthwash sitting on their bathroom vanity. And a lot of people have beautiful glass decanter  bottles packed away in cupboards as we don’t generally use them. Why not decant the mouthwash into a crystal decanter? Add a gorgeous glass and your bathroom is suddenly glam!

There are so many tricks and easy things to do for yourself that really cost almost nothing and give you an instant lift. It’s always great to treat guests as special, but sometimes the most special guest in our homes should be ourselves.