My pledge to be glamorous

From: Katherine
City: Toronto

Just recently I ventured back into the normal everyday world that I took for granted before the pandemic started. I was very sick and hospitalized with covid at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been a long recovery. I bought some of your pieces at the OOAK show in November 2019 before the world stood still in 2020. I’d forgotten about my gorgeous necklace and blue sparkly brooch of amazingness that I bought from you because I have been solely focused on my rehabilitation from long covid. I started meeting friends in restaurants only just two weeks. I made a post-covid vow to myself to enjoy every aspect of socializing including choosing what I would wear. I wish that you could more vividly see my gorgeous blue amazingness brooch of yours that I’m wearing in this photo at Terroni in Toronto. I felt beyond glamorous and uplifted because of that bit of sparkle. The praise your brooch received was endless and I enjoyed every minute of it. I plan to live glamorously from now on. I will never have enough of your jewelry.